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Easy Bridal Shower Games : Practical Party Ideas

Who Said It?

HOW TO: Before the bridal shower, ask the bride and groom a set of questions about their dating lives, pet peeves or their favourite hobbies. Next, write out each quote or fact and have two boxes beside each sentence. Colour coordinate each box to represent the bride and groom. Have your guests take a guess at who said what. The person with the most correct answers wins.

TIPS: To keep things interesting, ask questions about their childhoods, bad fights or something guests wouldn’t be able to figure out.

Bridal Advice Keys

HOW TO: This is a game the bride’s mother will adore. Cut out these cute tags and find some rustic looking keys at an art store. Cut out circular tags and give each guest one to write on. Throughout the game, have guests give the bride their best advice and tie all the keys together for the bride to take home. The moms may get emotional, so have tissues on hand.
TIPS: Make categories. This game includes the five basics, but we’d add something about sex or fights.


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